Want to get started making NFTs? Whether it's bespoke smart contracts, and the web applications to interact with them, or generated collections with easy to follow creation wizards, YamsDev.com is an affordable and professional option no matter your level of knowledge.

My 4 Promises To You

1. Information

I will provide as much information as you need to ensure you can make an informed decision.

2. Service

No matter your budget or knowledge, you will be treated with respect and be given every chance to succeed.

3. Price

You will never be charged more than is necessary and fair for the services I provide.

4. Guidance

You will receive any assistance required before, during, and after our work together.

Crypto Heck Tower

My Personal Project

The Crypto Heck Tower is a passion project of mine started in November 2021. After a successful "free mint" for the first collection of the project I started to receive my first requests to create Smart Contracts and minting pages for other peoples' collections. Between jobs I spend any and all the time I can working on the P2E game the project is named after and centered around. A wonderful community has formed around the project and I use the things I learn making it to create better work for my other clients.

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