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A Project by YamsDev

Ben "YamsDev" Davies has been in the Polygon NFT community since late 2021, and in that time worked with Beluga Bay, Taco Tribe, Ocean Racing League and others. Having built a reputation as an excellent dev and phenomenal pixel artist, YamsDev is now using Super Pixel Shonen as an opportunity to share that skill and knowledge with the wider Polygon community.

Guides and Guidance

On the learn page YamsDev will be creating guides and tutorials on how to create pixel art, smart contracts, and a few other art and dev related topics. The goal is to curate a community of enthusiasts and give them the skills to start the next wave of projects on Polygon.

These guides will be token-gated for the first 4 weeks after they are published, meaning holders will get early access to all of them.

Bespoke Tools

Holders of Super Pixel Shonen! will be given access (free, early, or exclusive) to tools used in the creation of the project and beyond. This will include:These tools are being created by YamsDev for the Super Pixel Shonen! project and its holders.

Problem? Questions? Get in touch:

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